Driving feels so much better in a clean car.

Let us protect your vehicle's paint by applying Ceramic Coating to it

If keeping your paint protected, looking new and shiny is a priority for you, then Ceramic Coating is the way to go. Ceramic Coating is long lasting (up to five years), and will protect your paint from water stains, road grime, bird poop, and other substances from reaching and harming the paint. With just a quick rinse, everything slides right off.

Our team here at Aquakingz are certified and qualified to perform top tier ceramic application services. Please note that this process does not get rid of flaws in the paint that’s already there. On the contrary, it will highlight the defects post completion of the application process. Cars with defective paint are strongly advised to get a paint correction done on it prior to the Ceramic application process.

Ceramic Packages

1-year Ceramic Package


3 -year Ceramic package


5-year Ceramic package


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